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Diamonds All-Stars was founded on the dream that a place could be created where athletes of all ages, all backgrounds, all

abilities, all skin colors, all shapes and all

sizes could have a gym to call home. A gym where they are accepted for whoever and whatever they are, a gym where they are safe to be themselves, a place to laugh and cry, a place to work harder than they ever dreamed, and a place to find their second family. We can promise you that your athlete will come into our gym and feel welcome, we can promise you that they will be pushed beyond their limits, we can promise you that we will know more than their name, and we can promise you that they will be important. We work hard for the accomplishments we earn and we take all successes and all failures as one. Our program is for the athlete who wants to better themselves and wants to feel the benefits of being a part of a team through the good and bad.  No matter what experience you have, even if it’s none, we want to welcome you into our family. We are so much more than cheerleading. We are Diamonds All-Stars... and we invite you to be a part of us. 

Our gym received the great honor of being featured in the book The Sport of Cheer. It was created and  published by Select Athletics in Bellaire, Texas, and is about the All-Star Cheerleading world!

"This unique book of spectacular images brings to life the hard work and passion of all those  committed to the sport of cheerleading. For over half a century, this sport has rapidly evolved and today encompasses millions of athletes around the world. Modern day cheerleading, and all the demands that go along with it, breaks old stereotypes that once existed. The Sport of Cheer offers a glimpse into the day-to-day efforts that many do not realize are part of today's cheerleading. This beautifully curated artistic book takes the reader behind the scenes to observe the coordination, preparation and dedication outside of performance and competition. Celebrated photographers Blinkit, Kenny Braun, Karen Sachar, and Felix Sanchez give us an intimate view of talented athletes, coaches, teams and programs."

                                                                                           -Preface from The Sport of Cheer

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To the right: Photographer Felix Sanchez positioning our team for pictures for the book!

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