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The best just got better

Diamonds All-Stars was founded on the dream that a place could be created where athletes of all ages, all backgrounds, all abilities, all skin colors, all shapes and all

sizes could have a gym to call home. A gym where they are accepted for whoever and whatever they are, a gym where they are safe to be themselves, a place to laugh and cry, a place to work harder than they ever dreamed, and a place to find their second family. We can promise you that your athlete will come into our gym and feel welcome, we can promise you that they will be pushed beyond their limits, we can promise you that we will know more than their name, and we can promise you that they will be important. We work hard for the accomplishments we earn and we take all successes and all failures as one. Our program is for the athlete who wants to better themselves and wants to feel the benefits of being a part of a team through the good and bad.  No matter what experience you have, even if it’s none, we want to welcome you into our family. We are so much more than cheerleading. We are Diamonds All-Stars... and we invite you to be a part of us. 

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"Our daughter has been with Diamonds All-stars since she was 5, turning 6. When she first started she had no real experience. She was shy and so scared to go in the gym. This is her third season at the gym and she LOVES it. She has grown to love all the coaches: Noel, Dylan, Keleigh, Allen and Corey. They all mean the world to her, team mates old and new. They take cheerleading seriously...working so hard to improve everyone's skills.  The coaches help to learn their personal strengths to build self confidence. She has learned at a young age the responsibilities of knowing a schedule, putting her team first and learning daily to always keep a positive attitude. When something happens in life, not only the friends you have made (which you will make so many), but the whole gym will have your back. When you hear the words "Diamonds Family" it's every bit as true as it sounds - not just an amazing gym with a winning record and amazing athletes. It is an open arms family that your family will never want to leave."

                                                                                       T. Hall, Parent of athlete on Gossip 2016-2018

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