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Our Staff

With a combined total of over 25 years in the All Star cheerleading industry, the staff at Diamonds All Stars are prepared to lead All Star athletes to greatness. 

"I get asked all the time “Why Diamonds All Stars?”  Well, it’s because Brooklynn has never walked in and felt like a number, or an after thought, because she doesn’t have a certain skill set.  She walks into her gym and it’s like her second home.  She’s been cheering here for three years but tumbling here for seven.  When she decided to make the commitment to All Star Cheer, there was zero question about where she wanted to be and who she was going to compete for.  Noel, Dylan, Keleigh, and Allen look for each athlete's strengths and play them up.  They take the time to find out what each kid excels at and then make them shine.  They push each athlete to do their best, to be their best.  They fight for their teams when someone does them wrong and celebrate their success.  The parents look out for each other’s kids - I know that if I am running late or missing something, another parent will make sure my daughter is taken care of.  And the friendships my daughter has made are ones that I’m sure will last a long time.  We can’t imagine being anywhere else."

                                                                                                                                                                     J. Musgrave

NoËl Roberts, Owner & Head Coach

Noel Roberts is the owner and head coach at Diamonds All Stars. Noel has been involved with cheerleading for as long as she can remember. From recreation league cheer to middle school and high school, on to collegiate cheer as a cheerleader for Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), Noel has a well rounded background in the sport.

With over 12 years of experience with All Star Cheerleading, Noel has found her calling. She has choreographed, coached, and directed all levels of cheer teams with routines that have won numerous national championship titles. She excels at helping youth find their potential and maximizing it. She works tirelessly to raise the level of skill and technique of her athletes. Under her leadership, Diamonds All Stars was named one of the top five small cheer gyms in the nation. 


Noel has served on numerous committees in the industry and is a USASF certified instructor and coach. In 2015, she was named in Cheer Biz Magazine's 35 under 35, a prestigous honor for 35 young professionals making a difference in the cheer industry . Her coaching expertise has won her numerous awards including the WOW Coach Award and the Cheerleaders of America (COA) Coaching Excellence Award to name a few.

Dylan Headshot (1).JPG
Dylan Palmer, All Star Director 

Dylan is an all star cheer coach at Diamonds All Stars. With over 8 years of All Star Cheerleading experience and 7 as a coach, Dylan brings a unique perspective to his position. He excels at building skills on the teams he coaches in everything from stunts, tosses, and pyramids, to transitions, dismounts and tumbling at all levels.  Dylan brings a never-ending supply of knowledge and experience in all facets of competitive cheer and has the positive but firm coaching technique needed to guide our teams to success. 

He is a USASF certified instructor and coach for levels 1-5. 

Accomplishments: Placed 9th at Cheerleading Worlds, won dozens of National Championships and took home Best in the Country 2013.

Facts: Dylan enjoys the lake, working out and music. He loves Ariana Grande and tumbling.

"I believe anything can be accomplished with hard work and the drive to succeed."


Alan Headshot (1).JPG
Allen Scott, Tumbling Director & Coach


Allen is a USASF certified instructor in all star cheerleading and tumbling. As the tumbling coach for Diamonds All Stars, Allen works with not only all five levels of tumbling for our cheer teams, but also manages our preschool through advanced tumbling program as well. Allen brings over 9 years experience in the All Star Cheerleading industry to this position as well as tumbling training under some of the top tumbling coaches in the industry from across the country.


Allen assists with building cheer and tumbling skills for local area school and recreation league cheer teams as well.

Accomplishments: Cheersport Nationals Champion, 9th at US World Trials and an original Showtime member.

Facts: Allen enjoys working out, traveling and building furniture. His hometown is Okinawa, Japan.

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."


Keleigh Ligdis HeadShot (4).JPG
Keleigh Ligdis, All Star Coach

Keleigh Ligdis is an All Star Coach at Diamonds All Stars. While cheering with Diamonds All Stars for 7 years and coaching for 6, Keleigh has developed the talent to instruct and assist youth teams at the gym. Her perspective as an all star cheerleader combined with her natural aptitude to work with children has made her an excellent coach and leader.

Accomplishments: Competed undefeated for 2 consecutive years, 3 time Cheersport Champion and received the title of Best in the Country.

Facts:  Keleigh enjoys her sorority, UT Football and travel. She hails from Greece!

"I try to instill character and confidence into every child. I believe in pushing a child to their limit and loving them as if they are my own. To be more than just a coach."


Corey Headshot (1).JPG

Corey Harper, All Star Coach

Corey has been in the cheer industry since 2003. He cheered on Graves County High School winning Back-to-Back UCA National Titles in the Large Co-ed Division and 3 State Titles in a row.  He started coaching in 2007 and has cheered, coached, & worked with some of the top leaders in the Cheer Industry. Corey has a true passion for everything cheer & prides himself in training athletes to excel in their skills both mentally & physically. He has very extensive knowledge when it comes to tumbling & shaping athletes to become champions. Technique- Technique- Technique! Corey is very excited to start his journey as a part of the  Diamonds Family. 

Accomplishments:  Placed 6th and 8th at Cheerleading Worlds in the Large Co-ed Division.

Facts: Corey is a Sagittarius that loves animals, working out, traveling and real estate.

"Never say I dont." - "Conditioning is the key to success and confidence"


Aubryn Amos HeadShot (1).JPG

Aubryn Amos, All Star Coach

Aubryn is in her 7th season of Allstar cheer and 3rd season of coaching at Diamonds. She has attended and won as an athlete and coach some of the biggest events in the industry. Aubryn Assistant coaches Sassykitties and Gossip and she is the head coach of Sequins. 

Accomplishments: Placed 1st at Jamfest Cheer Super Nationals, placed 1st at Cheersport 2 times and placed top 3 at Summit twice.

Facts: Aubryn played soccer for 8 years before cheering. She enjoys performing, makeup, animals and cooking.

"...every child is different and it takes effort and patience, but at the end of the day the work is worth it"


Christian Bailey HeadShot (3).JPG

Christian Bailey, Junior Coach

Christian has been cheering for Diamonds for 2 years now. He is in his first year of junior coaching. Christian helps with stunting and beginner tumbling classes. He has won multiple national championships and has attended some of the largest events in the country with Diamonds All-Stars.

Accomplishments:  Placed top 3 at Summit.

Facts: Christian enjoys basketball, personal fitness, cooking and running. His qualities include being determined, funny, dedicated and competitive. 

Lexi Jacobs HeadShot (2).JPG

Lexi Jacobs, Junior Coach

Lexi has been an athlete at Diamonds for 3 seasons. This is her second year of junior coaching and she is a coach of Sequins. Lexi also is a preschool class instructor.

Accomplishments: Placed 1st at Cheersport, US Finals and Jamfest Super Nationals. Placed 3rd at Summit

Facts: Lexi has been on 2 Diamonds teams almost every year. She has been cheering more than half of her life.  She enjoys photography, makeup, computer technology and water skiing.

"All kids work in different ways, no matter the age. To truly understand how that child works takes patience, but once you understand them, teaching them new things and watching them succeed is truly amazing."


Jacob Headshot (1).JPG

Jacob Dennison, Junior Coach

Jacob has been cheering for Diamonds for 2 years now. He is in his first year of junior coaching. Jacob helps with stunting and beginner tumbling classes. He has won multiple national championships and has attended some of the largest events in the country with Diamonds All-Stars.

Accomplishments: Coming soon...

Facts: Coming soon...

Junior Coach Headshot (1).JPG

Macy Vaughn, Junior Coach

Macy has been an athlete at Diamonds for 3 years. This is her first year as a junior coach and she is looking forward to working with Sequins this season. 


Accomplishments:  2017 Cheersport Champion and placed 3rd and 4th at Summit.


Facts: Macy is on 2 teams at Diamonds and was on the very first Barbies and Black teams. She enjoys volleyball, makeup, netflix and shopping.

"I believe that great things are earned, not given, and that you must push athletes to their best ability for them to succeed."


Gigi Roberts, Program Director

Gigi Roberts is the true heart of the gym at Diamonds All Stars. While assisting with the paperwork and administration required to manage a gym, she somehow manages to know each and every athlete by name and lend her support to them when needed. While not a regular instructor at the gym, it is not unlikely to see Gigi on the gym floor assisting when needed to make the gym a success.

Judy Headshot (2).JPG

Judy Bomar, Gym Relations

Judy is a catch all at the gym - she will help with anything that she can! She has a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and Counseling and has been working with kids and families for over 20 years. She brings a solution focused, problem solving dynamic to the Diamonds program. She has been with the Diamonds family for 6 years!

Peylan Headshot.JPG

Peylan, Bone chewing extraordinaire

Peylan has been with Diamonds for almost 5 years. You can usually catch her providing emotional support from the floorside. 

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